The Benhayoun Law


Individuals and companies engaged in international business and trade are very often overwhelmed by the multitude of regulations, laws and tax provisions governing their endeavors. One thing is certain, the sooner you plan, the simpler the process. From a simple import/export business to a multi-national corporate expansion, at The Benhayoun Law Firn we assure that you are aware of the potential risks and legal implications of your transactions. Additionally, we assist you in devising an efficient and successful structure that makes business sense and secures tax efficiency.

Whether you are already engaged in an international business endeavor or are considering it, our attorneys will guide you through the process to protect your interests. Our founding partner has significant experience in both the micro and macro levels of the international business landscape.

At The Benhayoun Law Firm we assist professionals as doctors, lawyers, business owners and investors and hard working people of all sorts to assure that the fruits of their labor are protected. We utilize and maximize the already-existing state law protections and supplement those with the use of domestic and foreign asset protection trusts, limited liability entities, life insurance planning and a myriad of other techniques to give you the peace of mind you need.

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