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Immigrating to the United States entails significant considerations.  
The first step  in obtaining a Visa to the USA is to gather information of all aspects of this important decision. You can search the web for information, talk to people that have undergone the process, read articles and books or consult an immigration attorney. 
Undoubtedly, consulting an attorney is the wisest way to obtain a Visa, resident status or citizenship.  
However, very strict and sometimes unduly burdensome tax rules apply to foreigners immigrating to the United States, which your immigration attorney may not be familiar with. 
The sooner you are aware of these potential pitfalls, the more opportunity you will have to avoid them. At The Benhayoun Law Firm, we assist our foreign clients in preparing for the move in the most tax efficient manner by utilizing foreign trusts and pre-immigration gifting techniques.  
If you are a high-net worth individual, plan on moving  your foreign business to the U.S., or plan on moving to the U.S. while operating a business in a foreign country, it is vital that you are properly advised regarding the potential tax consequences.
At The Benhayoun Law Firm, we guide you in obtaining a Visa, resident status or citizenship and advise you in the complex  tax rules that apply to foreigners.
After the planning is ready it is important to start the "Immigration Process"
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