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At The Benhayoun Law Firm we understand that receiving communications from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a difficult and traumatizing experience. If you face a problem with the IRS, you will undoubtedly feel anger, confusion and/or frustration. Therefore you need an attorney who will understand both the legal and emotional difficulties you are facing. Our staff is aware of the uncomfortable situation, and will always treat you with the utmost respect and care. Additionally, our tax attorney understands the internal IRS procedures, and has an in-depth understanding of the law. At The Benhayoun Law Firm we have the tax attorney you want by your side guiding you through the entire process.

Tax controversy resolution is at core of our law office. Our objective is to resolve every tax disagreement as quickly and advantageously as possible. This objective may be achieved through negotiations, and if negotiations fail, litigation. Litigation is expensive and risky, so we make every effort to reach a favorable resolution and settlement to avoid court. However, at times settlement negotiations do not lead to a favorable resolution. It is then that litigation is the best or only option. In either scenario, The Benhayoun Law Firm will be right at your side. 

If you are accused of, or under investigation for, a white collar crime, quickly hiring competent legal representation is essential. Successful people working within companies of all sizes—professionals, lawyers, accountants—have been accused of committing white collar crimes.

If you are unsure how long the investigation has been going on, it is even more important that you obtain a defense attorney experienced with handling white collar cases. Law enforcement may have worked for months or years to build a case against you. Therefore you need counsel who can quickly assess the charges brought against you and develop an effective defense strategy. Your rights and life as you know it may be at stake.

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