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.When individuals or companies do business in a country other than their home country, both countries will want to tax the gains from that business. This is what is commonly referred to as double taxation. That is when international tax planning comes into the mix. We help our clients avoid or reduce the amount of tax they have to pay – especially to avoid double taxation.

Individuals and companies engaged in international business are by definition subject to a multitude of regulations, laws, and tax provisions governing their endeavors. Whether involved in a simple import/export business, or in a multi-national corporate expansion, foreign persons should be aware of the potential risks and legal implications of their transactions.

Whether you are already engaged in an international business endeavor or are considering it, you need an attorney who will guide you through the process while protecting your interests.

The Benhayoun Law Firm is devoted to providing the highest level of tax planning services to international investors, families, and businesses. We assist businesses, investors, and professionals to hold their assets in a tax efficient structure which ensures that the fruits of their labor are protected.

Daniel Benhayoun, the founding partner of the Benhayoun Law Firm and leader of the tax department, has significant experience in both the micro and macro levels of the international business landscape. Daniel has an advanced degree in Tax Law and has years of experience both inside and outside of the United States.

In the international tax planning field one thing is certain: the earlier you start planning, the better.

Investment in real estate in the US

Foreign persons often invest in the United States real estate market because they find it to be safe, profitable and protected. While this is true, it is extremely important to consider the impact of the United States tax laws before it is too late. We help our clients obtain a clear understanding of how to properly hold their U.S. real estate investments in order to avoid negative tax consequences. It is often wise to create and maintain adequate legal structures.

Investments in accounts and stock exchanges

Many investors all over the world find the United States financial markets to be efficient, open, and transparent.

Having investment accounts or even owning shares of companies listed on the United States stock exchanges can have significant tax consequences for foreign persons. Therefore, all foreign persons who have investment accounts that hold shares of U.S. companies should seek counsel with attorneys familiar in international taxes both before and after investing.